Well, hopefully we’re not writing like literal madmen, but it feels a bit crazy at the moment.

Last Fall, two of my coworkers and I signed a contract with TH1NK, an imprint of NavPress, to write three 8-week Bible studies. The elder board and staff at Grace have been extremely generous in allowing us time to work on this project. Because our church calendar is (technically) slow right now, we’ve pulled away this week to work on the third and final study.

We’re excited about these studies and the potential they have to introduce our church’s approach to Bible study to a new group of students and adults. For many years we’ve been writing Bible studies for use within our congregation (and that won’t change anytime soon), but this is a chance to share what we’ve learned with those outside of our walls as well. Most importantly, we believe that studying the Scripture in-depth is one of the surest paths toward spiritual maturity. We’re hopeful that these studies will facilitate that.

TH1NK publishes material geared toward high school and college students. That age group has always been a key focus of Grace Bible Church, so this feels like a good match. The studies are tentatively slated for release this coming Fall. Here’s a brief summary of each one:

Gideon: From Weakling to Warrior — Based primarily on Judges 6-9, this study examines how God can use an ordinary and fearful man to change the course of history. When we meet Gideon, he’s hiding from his enemies, afraid to take a stand. But through God’s power he becomes a strong and capable military leader.

Peter: From Reckless to Rock Solid — This study examines the life of Peter, one of the most prominent of Jesus’ apostles. Peter was also an ambitious man who assumed that by attaching himself to Jesus he would become powerful and famous. He often made foolish decisions that landed him in hot water. But once the Spirit of God took hold of his life, he transformed into one of the greatest leaders in the history of the Church.

Daniel: Standing Strong in a Hostile World — Daniel and three of his friends were exiled from their home because of the sin of their nation. Through no fault of their own they were forced to serve a foreign king in the midst of a culture that was hostile to their beliefs. Yet God provided them with the faith and courage to stand strong in the midst of hardship and persecution.

Each of these studies will look at how our lives can be similarly transformed through the work of God’s Spirit in our lives.

Pray for us as we finish up the third study (Daniel) and deliver it in February. If you’re a college pastor, youth pastor or ministry leader and are interested in considering these for your group, let me know. Once we have copies in our hands, we’ll try to get you one to evaluate.

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