Over the past year, I’ve made a point of blogging at least once a week. I enjoy writing, and this blog provides me with that outlet, along with a chance to connect with friends and readers on a regular basis.

At least once a year, though, I try to take a short break from blogging. Doing so allows me to rest, but also to read and to learn. One danger of always creating new content is that after awhile one’s output can exceed one’s input. When that happens, there’s not much left to say. For that reason, I won’t be regularly posting until at least July and this “blogging sabbatical” might extend to August.

In the meanwhile, there are two projects I want to focus on. The first and most important one is prayer and preparation for Grace’s third campus, where I will be the teaching pastor. We have a lot to do, and I want to spend the necessary time making sure my heart and mind are ready for this huge transition. The second priority for me is to consider what direction I want to take my writing in the next few years. I’m increasingly captivated by the grace of God in Jesus, and over the years this blog has moved more and more in the direction of exploring that grace in writing. As I’ve seen that theme emerging naturally in my writing, I want to consider how to focus things even more specifically. But I need to step away from the self-imposed demand of regular blogging in order to do that.

I imagine that I’ll still be writing here and there, and I might even put up the occasional post. But it won’t be on a weekly basis for the time being. On my Facebook page, I’ll periodically post links to older posts, along with short reflections and ideas.

I look forward to connecting with readers again toward the end of the Summer and into the Fall.