No serious theological reflections today — just a strange and slightly humorous college-related story. Sophia Stockton, a student at Mid-America Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas recently bought a textbook from Amazon for her Spring course on terrorism.

We’ve all done that, right? It’s usually a bit cheaper than the university bookstores.

Well, when she got the book she was in for a surprise. A small bag of white powder fell out of the book. Fearing that it was anthrax, Stockton took the bag to the police.

It wasn’t anthrax. It was cocaine. About $400 worth. The police destroyed the cocaine, but they let Stockton keep her textbook.

I’ve never found anything in an old book except for mashed bugs and the occasional flower. How about you? Ever find anything strange in an old book? What about a dorm room or apartment? 

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