ReDiscovered Word 10

(Numbers 14-15)

How easily we forget what God has done. How easily we forget His power. 

While the children of Israel were camped on the border of the Promised Land, the twelve spies described the land’s beauty and fruitfulness. Then they described its inhabitants, enormous giants living in unconquerable cities.

“Compared to them, we’re grasshoppers. This is a fight we can’t win,” they insisted.

Joshua and Caleb disagreed. God had promised them the land, and God would give them the land. But those two optimists were outnumbered. In a frenzy of fear and unbelief, the people nearly stoned them to death.

They wanted to head back to Egypt. In Egypt they were safe. They had enough food in Egypt. Of course, they were also slaves in Egypt, but why dwell on small details?

“Let’s head back! Maybe Pharaoh will take us in! Why are we even out here in this God-forsaken place?” the people cried. “Why did God bring us here to die?”

Of course, God didn’t bring them there to die. He brought them there to give them the land. He brought them there because He loved them.

How easily they forgot that God defeated the Egyptians over and over and over and over again. How easily they forgot the moment of liberation, when they walked across the Red Sea on dry land, just before the strongest army in the ancient world drowned in their wake.

It was a case of spiritual amnesia. Their fear of the Canaanites drove away their trust in God. It’s not that they couldn’t remember what God had done for them in the past. It’s that they chose to forget.

We aren’t immune to their disease, by the way. “Do not worry about your life,” Jesus said. “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Yet we so easily forget that God raised Jesus from the dead. We so easily forget that no enemy is too strong for Him. We worry and worry and we choose to forget God’s power.

We fear other people, we fear financial loss, we fear for our health, and we fear for our families. We wallow in our fear and spin it around in our minds until it takes over and paralyzes us.

The worry gives us a sense of control and safety. We believe, in a twisted way, that worrying will somehow fix our problems. It never has before, and all it does is enslave us. But why focus on small details?

Spiritual amnesia is a killer.

So each morning, choose to remember God’s love and power. Write it on your mirror. Recite it when you wake. Tell it to your friends. Record it and play it back from your phone.

God loves you, and He is strong. His promises never fail. Never forget it, and never give in to the fear that enslaves you and keeps you from doing what He’s called you to do.

Choose to remember the truth. God is love, and God is strong, and the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you. Death will lose, fear will one day disappear, and His promises will come true.

Do not be enslaved by fear. Choose to remember the truth.

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