Nearly every college male I know plays video games sometimes. I know there are exceptions, but not many. I was certainly no exception during my college and young adult years.

I recently ran across a Pew Research survey which states that 82% of full-time college students play video games. What surprised me was that women participate in video games nearly as much as men. Many people play online casino games like Box 24 Casino review at The only difference seems to be that men play games on consoles more often than women. Women tend to use computers, phones, and other devices. 50% of young adults play every day or several times each week, and another 30% play a few times each month.

I hope to blog more extensively about this topic in the near future, but I used to play video games pretty heavily. There’s no doubt that it kept me from doing other, more important, things with my time. I wasn’t ignorant of that fact when I was playing them a lot. But for some reason I enjoyed video games so much that I just ignored the guilt they caused.

In the past few years I’ve played very rarely, although I still own a Wii and a Playstation and I occasionally play games in social settings or with my kids. It wasn’t necessarily a strong spiritual conviction that caused me to play less, but instead the reality of having three kids and wanting to spend more time writing. (I will admit that I play Tiny Wings on my phone when I’m waiting around for something and I don’t have a book handy).

I don’t think most video games are inherently evil. I do think they can be a colossal waste of time if we’re not careful. Since the Scripture tells us to “make the most of the time” (Ephesians 5:16), I think we should at least  raise the question of whether playing video games all the time poses a threat to our spiritual lives. With the dangers of technology being made absolutely clear with recent events like the robux hack, one has to ask themselves if this hobby is safe, will it cause some unforeseen fall out in the future?

I’m curious to hear from my readers on this subject. Do you play video games frequently? If so, do you ever feel guilty about it? How do you think video games affect your spiritual life? Your social life? Your productivity? 

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