A friend alerted me to a recent story about a young man who faked his own death as part of a disturbing marriage proposal to his girlfriend. I’ve heard of bizarre proposals, but this one tops the list.

Men, don’t try this at home. If you are so insecure in her love for you that you need to fake your own death, your marriage is starting off on the wrong foot. What could you possibly do to reassure yourself the next time you wonder if she really loves you? After all, pretending to die only works once.

Ladies, if a man ever does this to you, run the other way. I mean that quite literally. Don’t stop to say, “Why did you that?” Don’t try to convince him it was a bad idea. Turn around, run to your car, and just drive in the opposite direction. You will never fill up his needy soul, so there is no real point in trying. Marriage is challenging enough without a spouse who fakes injury and death to make sure you’re still interested.

What is the strangest marriage proposal story you have ever heard? Do you think men should shoot for the biggest and most elaborate proposal possible, or should they just ask nicely?

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