Seeing the Big Picture

Have you ever wondered how the Old and New Testament are related? Have you ever felt like the Bible has too much material for you to really understand?  Does it seem like a collection of powerful but unrelated stories about God?
We want to help you understand how to put it all together.

Some of you may not be aware that Grace College Ministry offers elective classes at 9:30 on Sunday morning in the college auditorium at Anderson and Southwood.

One of our elective offerings this semester is called “The Big Picture of the Bible.” It is essentially a Genesis-to-Revelation overview of Scripture that will give you an idea of how to fit it all together. You will see how the Bible is one consistent book with one consistent theme.  Using the grid of biblical covenants, we will discuss the plan of God for mankind, and how the Bible reveals the implementation of His plan from Creation until Christ’s return.

This material dramatically changed how I view the Scripture, and I think it can do the same thing for you. Please join us this Sunday to hear how God has been working from the beginning of the world to demonstrate His glory through people like you and me!